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The Story of DollluxeDesigns

When my daughter was young, she received a Monster High doll for her birthday. Shortly after, I decided to give the old sewing machine a spin after sitting idle for longer than I care to admit.  I made her doll a few items, posted them on social media and got a comment that I should sell what I make. 

Next thing I knew I was starting an Etsy shop and joining the handmade world.  I've been creating unique custom doll clothing for a wider and wider array of dolls over the past 10+ years now and working from a home studio to bring small sized dreams to life for so many people!

Maybe I'm just the person to help you bring your project from a drawing on a piece of paper to a doll size reality!

My items are made with care, time and an eye for detail. 

I can make most items - from a simple tee shirt to a complicated historical gown (which are my favourite!) 

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