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G3 Monster High Release - Doll Body Comparison

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

**** Updated 10/15/2022 ****

The debate started early when pictures were released of the new generation of Monster High dolls. Some people loved them. Some people HATED them. There were strong feelings in each direction and also some just in the middle not sure about what they thought. Even I was sceptical at first. Now that I have my hands on some of them - I like them much more than I would have thought! I am excited to share the dolls for you guys so you can see the body features and compare them to each other. For those of you who make doll clothing - this reference is great for you to see which dolls are the same as each other and where adjustments need to be made.

First off - I am waiting on my Frankie Stein to show up. It’s on order and arriving within the next month. I am also still on the hunt for Ghoulia and Toralei. But in the meantime, I wanted you all to see the dolls that I have so far. I even have Deuce so you can see a male comparison. When I have the other dolls - I will definitely do an update!

For the females, most of you have seen that Draculaura is shorter than the others. She is super adorable and has lots of curves! She’s thicker in the thighs and tiny in the waist - so when making clothing - these aspects will be important. Pants will definitely not be interchangeable with Draculaura and the other ghouls as the length and width won’t work with the other dolls.

**** Update: Frankie arrived! Frankie is a similar shape to the Lagoona/Clawdeen dolls. However, Frankie is a little taller as well. So, what I am thinking is that most clothes will be interchangeable but possibly a little short on Frankie depending on the style. To me, the torso appears to be the same. Frankies' legs are just longer than Clawdeens' and Lagoonas' and not as thick as Cleos' legs.

Cleo is the same height as Lagoona and Clawdeen - but she is also a bit thicker in the thighs than the other two. I love her shape. She also has a more dramatic waistline than the other ladies. She slims right down and flares out at the waist. I’m sure lots of clothing pieces might be able to be swapped for these ladies - but if you want a more fitted look - she will need custom made/altered pieces. Again, pants will need to be made for her shape and size as well. Although, if they are a baggier style, they will be suitable for Clawdeen and Lagoona in most cases.

Clawdeen and Lagoona are the same size. Their clothing will be the same size and they can swap pieces with ease. There won’t be any issues with length and the busts are the same dimensions as well. They have a much more subtle waistline than Cleo.

Once I receive the other dolls - I will be able to compare them to the ladies I already own. I feel like Frankie might be another one that has their own unique size.*** see update above *** The dimensions on these dolls are going to make my job a little tricky- but who doesn’t love a new challenge?

As for the male doll, I have compared Deuce to an EAH Hunter doll and the original size Slo Mo. He’s definitely an in-between size when it comes to musculature. But he’s shorter than the other two. I feel like some clothing pieces might be able to be shared, but also that they will require their own patterning for custom pieces. His legs are wider than the original MH, but slimmer than the EAH. The length of his legs look fairly similar to the original MH - so a baggier style may work on him. Stretchy tops will likely also still fit him, but fitted shirts with no stretch will be too small.

I’ve already created a few custom pieces for these new dolls and I am looking forward to working on more. There will be trial and error without a doubt, but I can’t wait to make new pieces to show off these unique shapes and sizes. I hope these pictures help you to compare some of the new dolls as well so you can see where you might be able to change out pieces and share items within the new G3 line. I hope you are also loving these new dolls as much as I am! I admit that I didn’t think I would love them this much…but they are truly a doll you need to see in person to appreciate. Now I just have to patiently wait for Frankie to arrive so I can see her in person as well!

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